Eritrese Vluchtelingen Vereniging

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Over Eritrese Vluchtelingen Vereniging

The association operates on a project basis and aims to develop, promote and implement social solidarity projects.
In particular, the Association has the following objectives:

  •  improve the quality of life of people, especially immigrants or refugees in Belgium from Eritrea,who are in social and economic difficulties or at risk of social exclusion.
  •  Re-balance situations of social disadvantage, especially of young immigrants and refugees, so that they can make use of the social instruments offered for their protection.

The association pursues this goal through the following activities:
• initiatives aimed at helping Eritrean immigrants or refugees in Belgium who are in need.
• activities of recreational, cultural and sporting nature, aimed at supporting immigrants and refugees from Eritrea, to integrate them in both the Belgian and European context, and to prevent situations of marginalization or social exclusion .
• initiatives suitable for the growth of citizens in situations of particular subjective and social hardship, promoting intercultural relations between Belgian citizens and foreigners present in Belgium.
 • Training activities for immigrants from the Eritrean community who are disadvantaged for economic or social reasons and for the acquisition of skills, including IT skills, which promote their social integration and the learning and speaking of the Belgian language of at least A2 level, as required by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as for a sufficient knowledge of the basic principles of the Belgian Constitution, which also provides regulatory guidelines for the treatment of immigration and residence practices in Belgium,including cultural mediation.

  • cultural and aggregative activities to promote the Eritrean culture and social integration of Eritrean people from the immigrant or refugee community in Belgium.
  • To promote the conditions for cultural enrichment through interaction with Belgians.
  • social solidarity initiatives that create      opportunities for underprivileged people belonging to the Eritrean community, to promote their existential conditions.